Browsing Blue Sky Jackets and Vests For Women

Do you need to add something to your work wardrobe that will make you look professional, and also keep you comfortable, warm, and give you all the pocket space you need? Today, let’s take a look at our wonderful collection of jackets and vests for women. We know you’ll fall in love with these jackets and vests just like we did!

Cameron Thermal Knit Jacket

Our first option is a great choice whether you’re trying to stay warm in cold temperatures, indoors or outdoors, or even if you’re at the gym getting a workout! That’s why we call the Cameron Thermal Knit Jacket the “ultimate multitasker”. It's made of a warm, comfortable material but it's also breathable and moisture-wicking. That means in this jacket you can work up a sweat and never get uncomfortable. It also has extra stretch with the help of elastane side panels.

Haddington Softshell Jacket

Next up, the Haddington Softshell Jacket is a Blue Sky staple that we know will bring you style and comfort no matter where you are, or whether it’s hot or cold. This jacket is breathable and super comfy, has a microfleece lining, is water resistant and made of 100% polyester. It comes in six different options of colors, so we know you’ll be able to match it to your scrub outfit to fit your unique style.

Kensington Softshell Vest

Lastly, let’s take a look at our Kensington Softshell Vest. This fleece-lined, super comfortable vest is certainly the right choice if you need to stay warm, but you don’t want to restrict your arms with sleeves. This vest is also 100% polyester, and comes in four different color options for your preference.

With these amazing options of jackets and vests to keep you comfortable in your chilly work environment, outdoors, at the gym or even just relaxing at home, what are you waiting for? Visit the Blue Sky Co. website and order a jacket or vest for yourself today!