Brighten Your Week with Vibrant Scrub Colors

Are you dragging your feet to work this week? Are you in need of a pick-me-up? Don’t stress! At Blue Sky Co., not only do we have the perfect scrubs to suit your needs, but we also have them in colors that are sure to make you smile! So let’s set that cup of coffee down, and take a glance at a few vibrant shades for your wardrobe. We’ll also review a few tips and hints at keeping those bright colors from fading- just in case you forgot!

3 Beautiful Shades from Blue Sky Co.

Before we introduce you to our 3 favorite shades, let us first brag a little about our scrubwear. Our scrubs are the finest around; they’re made from the softest material you’ll ever find, and are a perfect blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. All of our styles are wrinkle and fade-resistant, and they won’t shrink! Doesn’t that sound perfect?

Check out our Classic, well-known and well-loved Shelby scrubs in Seraphina Strawberry.This blush-pink shade is certain to cheer you up! We also carry Shelby scrubs in amazing colors such as Eggplant, a violet shade that is will definitely modernize your wardrobe, and this Peacockblue, which will easily remind you of the bright blue summer sky! We hope you love these shades as much as we do!

How to Prevent Scrubs from Fading

There are a few common things that are causing your scrubs to fade over time, and it’s not just you wearing them. Some people use too much detergent or fabric softener in their laundry loads; this is just one cause! It helps to hang dry your scrubs instead of using the dryer, and to add a cup of vinegar into your loads to help the colors set in and stay in.