Brighten Your Wardrobe with a Luxurious Lab Coat

There are so many brands to choose from nowadays, that when it comes time to purchase a new lab coat, it’s difficult to make a decision! And each coat is different, so you want to make sure you’re getting the perfect coat for you. At Blue Sky Co., we can guarantee quality and style in our lab coats; we’re certain you’ll love them! Here’s what sets them apart from the rest of those other brands:

Comfort and Wearability

When it comes to scrubs and scrub accessories, we feel that comfort and style are equally as important as durability and longevity! With our Bradford and Preston Twill lab coats, we’ve definitely achieved all four of these factors. Our coats are stylish in the workplace, comfortable in those chilly and fast-paced hallways, and just look all around great over any pair of scrubs!

Stain Protection: Teflon Protection Technology

Have you ever spilled your lunch on your scrubs during your shift? Or run into another nasty accident? They can happen at anytime! Fortunately, our Bradford and Preston Twill lab coats come complete with Teflon Protection Technology, which repels and releases stains. This makes them even easier to care for!

A Plethora of Pockets

If you’re working in the medical industry, you need all of the pocket space you can get! Our luxurious lab coats have plenty of pocket space for your personal items. They have one chest pocket, and two lower utility pockets! Add these pockets to the three pockets (and secret pocket) on Blue Sky scrubs, and you have a plethora of pockets!

At Blue Sky Co., you’ll certainly find the most modern, stylish, and professional scrubs on the market! ̧When it comes to fit, elegance, and performance, our lab coats really bring it home!