Bold Scrub Colors from Blue Sky Co.

Blue Sky Co. is known for its durable, customizable medical scrubs and uniforms. But furthermore, we’re also known for our vibrant and beautiful scrub colors for women! Brighten up your work wardrobe with a pair of Classic Shelby scrubs in one of these gorgeous scrub colors!

Seraphina Strawberry

Seraphina Strawberry is a vibrant pink color that’s simply perfect for you (if pink is your thing, of course). It’s a bright raspberry color that looks amazing with our signature white designer stitching. Complete the outfit with a white scrub cap, and you’ll be good to go!


A dark purple, Eggplant looks brilliant paired with a jet black scrub cap, or even french lilac. It’s a confident shade that will hopefully instill confidence in you because you’ll look so great!

Marisol Gold

A bright yellow, Marisol Gold will put a smile on any coworker’s face! Come into work feeling bright and shiny and everybody will love you! Or at least your scrubs! Get ready for the “But where did you find those?” question!

Royal Blue

If your uniform has you sticking to the blues, you definitely want to check this one out! Royal Blue is a deep shade of our favorite color, and absolutely perfect for you. Stay cozy, comfortable, and in style with this shade.

Pine Green

True to its name, Pine Green is certainly a step outside the box! A few shades darker than Chloe Jade, we’re certain you’ll adore this scrub color. This superior statement shade perfectly complements our Shelby scrubs- and it’ll complement you, too!

Blue Sky Co. loves outfitting hardworking individuals in the medical industry in beautiful, bold colors. Our scrubs are definitely a step above the rest, with their comfort, modern style, and reliable durability. Log on today to view our entire collection- and fall in love.