BlueSky: Customizing Scrubs for the Holidays

The holiday season is an opportunity to dress a little differently than the rest of the year. But be mindful of your workplace and/or department dress code, and check which days you’re allowed to dress up. Many places will only allow you to wear holiday scrubs the day before, day of, and day after the holiday. How much mileage you’ll get out of your outfit might affect what you’ll choose to wear. Once you’ve got those details figured out, here are some ideas for how to spiff up those scrubs:

  • Wear a seasonal scrub top or hat. A search for “holiday scrubs” yields tons of options. Where do you start?! If a hat is part of your uniform, we have a selection of modern, brightly colored holiday prints for men and women that will share the holiday spirit without looking kitschy.
  • Wear a holiday-themed long-sleeve shirt underneath your regular scrub top. Or pair the long-sleeve top with your jacket (dress code approved, of course). Mix and match as much as you can without impeding role identification.
  • Select a great pair of holiday socks. Kitschy holiday socks are a time-honored tradition, up there with ugly Christmas sweaters. Have fun and find a pair that makes you laugh... and cringe.
  • For the ladies: try a subtle but still classy approach with some holiday jewelry or a hair piece. Maybe you saw a pair of sterling-silver Christmas-tree earrings you’re dying to wear, or have a festive headband or hair clip. Avoid statement pieces that are too elaborate or chunky.
  • Get creative with your fingernails. Paint your natural nails alternating shades of red and green, or try light blue with a snowflake design. You might want to go for painted nail art instead of decals, as glued-on nail jewelry may be in violation of the dress code.

If you’ve held on to any holiday wear from past years, check out your stash in case you forgot about a great piece. And of course don’t forget to share some holiday treats!