Blue Sky Tips For Your Fading Medical Scrubs

When you buy yourself Blue Sky scrubs, you’re getting the most comfortable, best made and longest lasting scrubwear that you’ll find anywhere. But even with the finest fabrics, you’ll deal with fading over time. When that happens, you’ll want to make use of these helpful tips we’ve compiled to maintain your scrubs for as long as you can. 

Line Drying Your Scrubs

One of the quickest ways to let your scrubwear fade is by putting it in the dryer every time you wash it. Rather than using the dryer, try line-drying your scrubwear for a much better outcome. It can be tempting to just use the dryer, it’ll save you time and you won’t have to draw a clothesline. But in the end, you’ll save money by line drying since you won’t have to deal with your clothes fading as quickly and then having to buy new ones.

Avoiding Fabric Softeners

Did you know that fabric softeners can cause your clothes to fade more quickly? Many people don’t! Liquid fabric softeners are the worst if you’re trying to keep your clothes from fading. If you’re trying to avoid static coming out of the dryer as you take out your clothes, try static-relieving balls instead of fabric softener!

Press Your Scrubs

One of the best ways to help avoid fading your scrubs is pulling out the hot iron and pressing your scrubs. With just a little effort you’ll be able to put on a crisp, great looking pair of scrubs for your work shift.

We hope these tips come in handy when you need to keep your scrubs in good condition for work. If you want the most comfortable scrubwear you can find made from only the finest fabrics and customizable for your size and style, visit the Blue Sky Co. website and check out our full collection.