​blue sky scrubs Offers New Fall Colors that Decorate the Operating Room

blue sky scrubs Offers New Fall Colors that Decorate the Operating Room

The 2016 Fall Colors don’t stop in the department stores. blue sky scrubs is keeping up with the trends, adding yet even more new colors to their scrub line.

The colors for Fall 2016 are always fresh, with sprouting shoots and blossoming flowers, inspiring designers to breakout of the winter doldrums. blue sky scrubs is no exception to the rule. blue sky’s design department looked at the Fall 2016 color pallet, which includes ‘Love Blue,’ Fuschia Red,’ ‘Salmon Rose,’ ‘Lavender,’ ‘Spicy Mustard,’ ‘Palace Blue,’ ‘Lucite Green,’ ‘Slate Gray,’ ‘Rose Dust,’ and ‘Dark Citron,’ and decided to integrate current fashion into the nursing and medical industries. And why not? Just because some wear scrubs to work doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be keeping up with the trends.

Inspired by spring blossoms, green grass, and a clear blue sky, the freshly picked colors for the women’s Original blue sky scrubs are Lilac, Olive, Carnegie Green, and Peacock – which correlate to Pantone’s Lavender, Dark Citron, Lucite Green, and Palace Blue. Aside from the new colors, blue sky scrubs also has Slate Grey and Pink (Pantone’s Salmon Rose.) blue sky scrubs says that offering doctors, nurses, and other medical professional more color choices keeps the doctor’s offices and hospitals colorful and upbeat.

Color has always been an important component of fashion whether it be a heather grey or crimson red. The spring colors are brilliant and rival the show of flowers in the spring garden that they precede. Each designer, including blue sky scrubs, makes color choices that will be indicative of their aesthetic, season, and era. Lately, there are many beautiful and rich color choices in the fashion and accessory world. It seems that everyone is becoming obsessed with Pantone gradations, which means that it shouldn’t be difficult to pick out a pair of matching shoes or a handbag to go with your new scrubs set, not to mention the thousands of medical scrub hats offered by blue sky scrubs.