Blue Sky Scrubs Keep You on Budget

Working in the medical field, messes happen frequently. Sometimes we need to replace our medical uniforms more often than we’d prefer, but we have to stay within our budget. This can be difficult when we want all of the beautiful accessories from Blue Sky Co., but fortunately, our scrubs are affordable, comfortable, and luxurious! Let’s take a look at our line of super sleek medical scrubs that Blue Sky Co. has to offer.

Beautiful and Comfy Scrubs for Women

Our Classic Shelby scrub tops are created to fit you in the best way possible (and they’re customizable, if you can’t find the most perfect fit). Tailored with an hourglass shape, made with the softest fabric, and accented with white designer stitching, we aim to please with these scrubs!

Grey Label Scrubs were made with a slim fit in mind! Sewn with a European cut, these scrubs are modern, lightweight, and feature an hourglass shape that tapers at the waist. Just like our classic Shelby scrubs, they’re wrinkle and fade-resistant, and are made of the most perfect blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton.

Professional and Sleek Scrubs for Men

Blue Sky’s relaxed David scrubs fit just how they’re described - relaxed and comfortably. The chest fits relaxed, while the waist slims down for a more modern look. The scrub tops feature one chest pocket to hold your gadgets and are made with that luxurious blend of cotton and polyester!

If you’re looking for a more slim fit, Sullivan scrubs are the way to go. Available in professional colors such as Navy Blue, Jet Black, and Slate Grey, these scrubs were made to outlast the toughest of procedures.

There’s no doubt that our scrubs modernize your wardrobe while remaining affordable! So log on today and view the collection- you won’t regret purchasing our finely-made, luxurious medical uniforms and accessories!