Blue Sky Scrubs: How it All Began

At Blue Sky Co., we’re dedicated to serving our customers however we possibly can. You’re our number one priority. So maybe you’re familiar with our collections, or maybe you’re just testing the waters. Either way, know that we’ll do whatever we can to complete your order just the way you like it.

How did we begin, might you ask? Well, let’s dive into Shelby’s story. She’s the creator of Blue Sky Scrubs, and you’ll be amazed at how simply everything panned out.

The Beginning of Blue Sky Co.

Twelve years ago, Shelby began our legacy with a simple collection of scrub hats. She started by stitching them together from her living room, using scraps of fabric she’d collected over time (they always come in handy, don’t they?). Soon, she brought her scrub hats to her coworkers, who became Shelby’s very first customers. Like you, they fell head over heels for the perfect designs, and beautiful patterns.

(To view our collection of Pony, Pixie, and Poppy scrub hats, visit our website!)

Why Choose Blue Sky Co.?

It’s simple, in our eyes. Our medical scrubs are tailored to suit you just right, and are created with the world’s finest fabrics. They’re intended to keep you comfortable throughout your long, lasting shifts, and to help you look sleek and professional! Our Classic Shelby scrubs will give you the ultimate luxurious feel, and the perfect hourglass shape. You can find our medical scrubs in so many different colors: including but not limited to Tangerine, Classic Ceil and Navy Blues, Black, Aquamarine, and Carnegie Green. After an order or four, you’ll have so many scrub sets you’ll need shoes (and scrub caps?) to match!

Ultimately, we want you to leave our online store satisfied. If you can’t find the exact fit you’re looking for, stop by the customization page and fix it all up! Make Shelby proud by wearing your scrubs with pride!