blue sky scrubs Featured in Oprah's "8 Things We're Dying to See Made Over

saLuxury scrubs designer blue sky scrubs ( ) was featured in Oprah. If they really wanted us to feel better, they'd stop with the pastel hearts and cartoon puppies. Let's just hope Blue Sky Scrubs' sleek, chic duds catch on, and quick.

"We are huge fans of Oprah," said David Marquardt, co-founder and president. "We are incredibly excited that they featured our company. What better way to showcase our products than from Oprah."

With every purchase, blue sky scrubs will send a free hat to a cancer patient or to the customer to do with what they want. People in medicine have a passion for caring for others and this is an extension of that giving. Project Blue Sky is our way of harnessing the power of our customers and extending that giving to those currently facing tough medical challenges. A big fear for cancer patients is losing all of their hair. Our blue sky scrubs hats offer a way to cover hair loss with a cheerful and sophisticated look. Our hats are fun and they make people feel good. When patients get our beautiful package it makes them smile.

Our mission is to make the over 12 million people in the Untied States diagnosed with cancer every year smile.

blue sky scrubs was launched in 2006 by Dr. Marquardt, an anesthesiologist resident at Houston's Hermann Memorial Texas Medical Center. She first invented the Pony scrub hat to wear herself as an alternative to unappealing bouffant style. The Pony hat patent NO. 7437777, D572879 is a slim fitting hat with a ribbon-tied pouch that neatly ties back a short or a long ponytail. Marquardt's co-workers began clamoring for their own Pony hats, and word spread quickly to other hospitals. She subsequently developed the Pixie patent NO.D547030, the Poppy and an entire line of designer scrubs for men and woman.

Our word is spreading. The best thing about this project is the people it attracts. Here is one of our favorite examples of a motivational story: "After undergoing chemotherapy at MD Anderson in Houston I finally got to wear a blue sky scrubs hat. I feel so much better now. This is a big ego booster."

With help from others was launched. In a few short months, blue sky scrubs attracted customers from all 50 states and many countries from around the world by helping people with cancer smile.

blue sky scrubs is dedicated to creating and manufacturing medical scrub apparel that is not only of the highest quality and affordability, but innovatively designed to meet the specific needs of the healthcare professionals utilizing these products.

blue sky scrubs is committed to using the best materials available to create comfortable, fashionable scrub hats and accessories, and to provide immediate, courteous service to the professionals who choose blue sky scrubs for their medical scrub needs.

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