Blue Sky Scrubs FAQ: What You Want to Know About Our Scrubs

So, are you tempted to purchase a set of Blue Sky scrubs, but need some convincing, first? Maybe you have a few questions about our product! Here’s an FAQ of everything you need to know about our collection of luxurious medical attire- that we know you’ll love!

Just How Soft Are Blue Sky Scrubs?

We like to say that our scrubs are made from the finest fabrics in the world. Each set is made of a foolproof blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton! They’re so soft you’ll be comfortable through even the worst of shifts, and you may want to wear your scrubs outside of work!

How Much Pocket Space Do Blue Sky Scrubs Provide?

Plenty! With a chest pocket on our  classic scrubs and two utility pockets on the bottoms, you’ll have plenty of space for your gadgets and personal items. You can even customize your scrubs for different pocket placement, and stitching style.

Are Scrubs Customizeable?

Yes! Blue Sky Co. makes sure that each customer is treated with the best customer service around;  our scrubs are customizeable. There’s nothing worse than uncomfortable, ill-fitting scrubs. We want your order to suit you with perfection!

Are Blue Sky Scrubs Durable?

Yes! They’re wrinkle and fade-resistant, and won’t shrink. Our tops include side slits at the hip, allowing you to move around easily without risking a tear in the fabric. They’re easy to care for, saving on wear and tear, and are made to last!

We sure hope this FAQ has helped to finalize your decision! If you purchase a set of scrubs from Blue Sky Co., you won’t regret it; they’re soft, flexible, durable, comfortable, and customizable. Could it get any better in the world of  scrubwear? We don’t think so!