Blue Sky Scarves: Perfect for Fall

It’s our favorite time of year: the fall. When summer finally shys away and gives us a break from her harsh, unforgiving rays! Temperatures start to cool off, and you’re looking for a way to stay warm on those chilly mornings and evenings when you’re trekking to your car. Well here’s a way to stay warm and spruce up your outfit: find a scarf from Blue Sky Co. that suits you! We offer them in three different, lovely patterns. Here they are:


Let’s start with Blue Sky’s Logan scarf! It’ll match just about anything, especially a set of jet black Shelby scrubs. The Logan scarf features a black and white checkered pattern that’s easy on the eyes, and very stylish! You’ll love it- at first sight.


There’s more black and white in our Camila scarf, but also a lot of color! In this beautiful scarf, you’ll find shades of black, white, charcoal, blue, and purple. All of the colors mesh so well together, you wouldn’t believe it! It’s a beautiful scarf that’s bound to perfectly accent any scrub uniform. Or even better: sport it on your time off!


Lastly, we have our Skylar scarf. With this pattern, instead of plaid and checkers, you’re getting stripes! Brilliant shades of teal, orange, charcoal, and pink decorate this lovely scarf. We know you’ll love wearing it into work, especially with how soft and warm it will feel against your neck!

So, which scarf is your favorite? Find out on our website at! You may have a difficult time choosing which one, as they’re all so beautifully made!

For over a decade now, we’ve been bringing you the scrub wear that you want and need. We love pleasing our customers; you’re our number one priority! So while you’re shopping, let us know if there’s anything you need, customized scrubs, group orders- anything!