Blue Sky Lab Coats: Professionalism Meets Style

Have you ever bought a lab coat, or are you ready to replace your lab coat, or are you drooling over Blue Sky Co.’s lab coats like we are? Whatever reason you have for purchasing a new lab coat, we’re certain we can help you out. We’re here today to discuss the Bradford and Preston lab coats that are available at Blue Sky Co.. We just love how professional, yet stylish they are, and want you to love them just as much. So here they are- the coats you’ll instantly fall in love with!

The Bradford Lab Coat

It’s all about the details, friends. It’s about that signature Blue Sky logo on the pocket. It’s the teflon protection technology that repels and releases stains (how helpful!). It’s how soft and comfortable this coat is, and how professional it will look on you. The Bradford lab coat is just what you’ve been looking for! It’s made from the world’s finest fabrics and designed with you in mind. Just take the leap!

The Preston Lab Coat

Do you remember what we said about details? Well, this coat definitely pops! The Preston lab coat has all of the great features of the Bradford coat, but instead of being solid white, it has a light grey trim. It really makes this coat stand out in the crowd. So if that’s what you’re going for (while remaining professional), then this coat is for sure for you!

Blue Sky Lab Coats: Professionalism Meets Style Now we offer outerwear that will surely keep you warm this winter; there are plenty of options for both men and women. There are also scarves! And you’ll be amazed at our wide medical scrub collection! We bet you can’t wait to go shopping.