Blue Sky: How to Find Comfortable Nursing Shoes

Nursing is the type of job that keeps you on your feet constantly, for long, strenuous hours. After so much time, you’ll quickly learn just how essential it is to wear shoes that will adequately support your body. Pain in the feet, legs, knees, hips, and back, often stems from ill-fitting shoes. And what’s worse? Pain is a major disruption to our focus and energy!

With all of this being said, if you’re settling on your nursing shoes, we urge you to just this once, stop skimping, and start splurging! It could change your entire workday!

Comfort, Breathability

A decent pair of nursing shoes will help to reduce pain, discomfort, and fatigue while working on your feet, and they should also help you avoid that terribly uncomfortable feeling of your feet sweating. Make sure your nursing shoes are made of material that is breathable, but still durable and protectant. Who can focus with damp, clammy feet?


Considering how much time you’ll spend on your feet, your shoes are bound to endure a beating! Look for a pair of nursing shoes that are durable and will remain comfortable after several hours of hustle. These shoes should last for six to ten months, depending on how well you maintain them. If you want to save on wear and tear, try to only wear your shoes during your shifts!


When shopping around, remember that you should not have to break in your shoes for them to fit correctly. If your shoe doesn’t fit properly in the store, move along and try another pair! Look for nursing shoes with excellent support and shock absorption for the whole foot. This is especially important if you’ve recently suffered an injury in your feet, legs, knees, or back, pay careful attention to your selection. You’ll need extra support until your body fully heals!

Finding the right pair of nursing shoes requires some careful decision making, but all of this effort definitely pays off in the end! And if you are looking for surgical caps visit