Blue Sky: Go Beyond Medical Scrubs

We all understand the struggle of wearing a work uniform that has never been, and never will be, comfortable. Maybe it doesn’t fit in any of the right places, maybe it’s scratchy and shrinks with every wash cycle. Whatever the issue is, we want it resolved!

Blue Sky Co. strives to bring medical scrubs that not only surpass our expectations for comfort, but also look professional and stylish. That’s right- medical scrubs that are trendy. And that’s not all we’re known for! Check out Blue Sky’s wide collection of medical attire, ranging from scrub outfits to scrub caps and lanyards!

Lab Coats

If you’re wearing a lab coat from Blue Sky Co, you can trust that it’s been made to last. Our lab coats are made from 100% cotton twill, designed to resist stains, and are perfectly dryer-safe.

Jackets & Vests

Winter is here! Bundle up with a softshell jacket from Blue Sky Co. You’ll stay plenty warm on your way into work, or in the chilly break room and cafeteria. Featuring a trendy stand up collar, and layers of warmth and comfort, our jackets and vests are bound to become your favorites.

Scrub Caps

Blue Sky has created a scrub cap to compliment any hairstyle. Pixie scrub caps are perfect for- you guessed it- the pixie haircut. Tuck your hair securely underneath this cap for ultimate coverage! Our Poppy and Pony scrub caps are also made to fit securely, keeping you more comfortable as you hustle through your shifts!

All of our scrub caps are available in a multitude of colors and patterns (including holiday-themes). View our collection here.


Need a secure place to carry your keys, or your nametag? Blue Sky offers their collection of unique, stylish lanyards. Mix and match to add a touch of style to your uniform, or find a matching set of earrings to go along with your outfit!