Blue Sky Co.'s Beginnings

Surely by now you’ve wondered where Blue Sky Co. came from, and how this all began! There is definitely a fun story behind all of these products that we offer, and we can’t wait to tell you all about it. So let’s take a journey through Blue Sky Co.’s beginnings, and discuss the wonderful scrubwear that we have to offer!

It Started With a Scrub Cap

You read that right: Blue Sky Co. started with a simple scrub cap. The creator of this magnificent company, Shelby, first began sewing scrub caps in her very own home, and shared them with her coworkers! Soon, more products were being introduced to the line, and Blue Sky Co. began to grow into what it is today.

Classic Shelby Scrubs

Have you been introduced to our Classic Shelby scrubs, yet? They’re named after our creator, yes, and they were the first set of scrubs to come out! These scrubs are made to suit you and get you through your work day comfortably and professionally. You’ll fall in love with them instantly, just by touching them! They’re made from the softest fabric blend of cotton and polyester! And they’re absolutely unshrinkable; isn’t that perfect?

Classic David Scrubs

And for men… we have our Classic David scrubs! Available in four professional colors like slate grey and ceil blue, you’ll love the way you look in them! The scrub top has one chest pocket, and the scrub pants have two back pockets. Pair them together and you have plenty of space for your personal items. Trust us, we love these scrubs, and we think you will, too.

And there you have it, friends! Now you know where it all began, and where all of these beautiful, well-made scrubs came from! Feel free to log online today to view our stunning collection of medical attire!