Blue Sky Co: Where it All Began

If you’re accustomed to sporting our brand, you may be wondering where it all began! We’re not surprised that such amazing scrubwear could spark your curiosity. So we’re here to give you all of the answers. We love telling our story, mostly because we’re proud of the product we’ve created. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this blog about Blue Sky Co.’s beginnings!

….A Simple Scrub Cap

That’s right. It all started with a simple scrub cap. Our creator, Shelby, sewed the first Blue Sky scrub cap from her own scrap fabric, in her own living room. She introduced the scrub cap to her friends and coworkers, and everything took off from there!

….Evolved Into So Much More

Now, it didn’t just stop at scrub caps, of course. Blue Sky Co. went on to offer medical scrubwear and scrub accessories such as the most revolutionary, purest scrubwear, impressive lab coats, and luxuriously soft and well-fitting scrub caps. If you’re looking to revamp your wardrobe, there are plenty of scrub cap patterns to choose from, and even lanyards with matching earrings!

….And Still Carries On

We’re not stopping anytime soon, friends! What we began a decade ago was, well, just the beginning. We’ve recently introduced Technical scrubs and Cargo scrubs to the brand. Who knows what’s coming next, from scrub cap patterns to entirely different types of scrubwear! You’ll have to stay tuned to find out!

If you’re looking for scrubs, you can find them anywhere. But if you’re looking for scrubs that fit you perfectly and compliment your appearance as well, then you’re looking for Blue Sky scrubs. Our scrub will outlast many shifts. Our scrubs will add color to your wardrobe. Our scrubs will change everything when it comes to your medical wardrobe! So go ahead, find the perfect pair today!