Blue Sky Co: Undershirts and Scrubs For Women

If you’re looking for quality clothing to wear underneath your scrubs, or on your way out of work, Blue Sky Co. has you covered! From stretchy, comfy polos to warm undershirts- we have it all, and we work to keep you comfortable throughout your entire shift. Explore our collection online, and find exactly what suits you best!

Aston Stretch Polo

Our Aston Stretch Polo features our logo on the bottom left corner. This designer polo is made of soft jersey material that stretches for increased comfort. Don’t limit yourself to wearing this polo at work, or out of work- it’s also perfect for lounging on the weekends! It’s made of 95% cotton, and 5% spandex pique knit.

Hampton Cotton Polo

Blue Sky Co.’s Hampton Cotton Polo is a classic short sleeved polo, made of 100% cotton pique knit. On its chest you’ll find Blue Sky’s signature b- so your coworkers will know exactly where you find your fabulous work attire!

Henley Stretch Polo

This modern stretch polo is durable, breathable, and professional. Made with a ribbed collar and sleeve edging, this shirt is bound to keep you cool and comfy. As far as its material goes, the Henley stretch polo is made of 95% cotton, and 5% spandex pique knit. It’s machine washable and available in sizes medium thru double XL.

Undershirts from Blue Sky Co.

Last but certainly not least, let’s talk undershirts! Undershirts are perfect for chilly work environments, and they also help you look more professional! At Blue Sky, you can find our long sleeved Windsor Crewneck Tee available in a clinical white, or sleek black. Stay cozy and comfortable throughout your enduring shifts- and tell you coworkers where you’ve ordered such fantastic uniforms!