Blue Sky Co: Pocket Space Champions

People in the medical industry often find that their scrubs don’t have what they’re looking for. Here at Blue Sky, we try to give our customers everything that other scrub brands lack. Whether that’s superior comfort, style or anything else, we always make our scrubwear better than what you can find from anyone else. One thing we’ve heard many people complain about with other scrubs is a lack of pocket space. Well here at Blue Sky, we like to think of ourselves as champions of providing ample pocket space! Here’s why:

Layering For Extra Pockets

If you work in a chilly hospital or other medical building, this one is probably the best fix for you! We have plenty of undershirts and jackets to layer under and over your regular scrubs. They can help keep you warm at work, and allow you to have extra pockets for whatever you may need on the job!

Preston and Bradford Lab Coats

Our two lab coats, the Preston and Bradford, are designed to make you look and feel professional when you put them on, but their extra large pockets also make them extremely practical when you’ve got a lot to carry around! Pop on one of these lab coats when you need some extra pockets.

The Cargo Scrubs

If you’re someone who needs so much pocket space that layering or putting on a lab coat just won’t do it for you, don’t worry, we’ve still got you covered! We’ve designed our cargo scrubs with hard workers just like you in mind! With a grand total of 13 pockets on these scrubs, there’s no way you’ll run out of pocket space any time soon! Wallet, phone, keys, notepad, and anything else you may need will easily fit into our cargo scrubs!

To check all of these options out for yourself, just visit the Blue Sky Co. website and take your time looking at our huge collection of scrubs, lab coats and accessories!