Blue Sky Classic Scrub Pants for the Tall

Here at Blue Sky Co., we try to ensure that all of our customers are as comfortable as possible when they head into work. For many of us, it’s not easy to find clothing the right size. With medical scrubs, you want to have something that fits just right, since you’ll likely be wearing it for long shifts. We have Petite Grey Label scrubs available for the petite medical professional, but now we have pants made just for the tall scrub wearer too! These are our two Classic Tall Scrub Pants.

Classic Tall Shelby Scrub Pants

There’s a reason we call our Shelby Scrub Pants “Classic”, because this look never gets old! They’re professional, comfortable and have everything you need in a pair of scrub pants. With the Tall version, we’ve taken everything our customers have always loved about the Classic Shelby Pants and just tweaked it to meet your needs! They come in all kinds of colors like Slate Grey, Ciel Blue, Jet Black and Navy Blue. They also have an extremely comfortable, relaxed fit, and don’t forget about the white designer scrubs stitching!

Classic Tall Simple Scrub Pants

These Classic, Simplified Scrub Pants are a great cornerstone for any modern scrub wardrobe. They have similar features of our shelby scrub pants, but without the white designer stitching. If you’re looking for something simple and solid, these are the scrub pants you need. They’ll stay in great condition even after several times through the washer and dryer, and they’re wrinkle and fade resistant! These fantastic scrub pants come in the same four color options as our Tall Shelby Pants; Ciel Blue, Slate Grey, Navy Blue and Jet Black. We hope you fall in love with these tall, classic scrub pants just like we have.

If you’re on the hunt for the right scrub pants, scrub top, lab coat or any other medical wear, make sure to check out our full collection by visiting the Blue Sky Co. website.