Blood on Your Scrubs? Here's What to Do

Working in the medical industry, you’ve likely seen and worn your fair share of bloody medical scrubs. If you’re a laundry newbie, blood stains may seem permanent, but in fact, they’re quite easy to remove- and with scrubs being so simple to wash, the process is even easier. Below, you’ll find a few techniques on washing blood from your scrubs, whether it be fresh, or dried.


If you have white medical scrubs, bleaching is the way to go. It effectively removes most stains from clothing, blood being one of them. However you obviously wouldn’t want to use this on any of your colored or patterned scrub sets. Especially those from Blue Sky Scrubs Co.., right?

Hydrogen Peroxide

First, perform a spot test to make sure the hydrogen peroxide isn’t going to discolor your scrubs. Then soak your uniform, allowing the peroxide to bubble. For a more thorough cleaning, launder as normal after this is all finished!

Bath Soap

This is perfect if you’re at work and don’t have a change of clean medical scrubs. Quickly take your scrubs to the bathroom, rinse them with cool water, and rub soap into the stains. It’s been said that this method is more effective than laundry soap bars! See, even now, you’re surprised at how easily blood can be taken out of your scrubs.

Dishwashing Liquid

We’ve all heard the rumors of Dawn dish soap being a magician’s best asset, and they’re true! Dawn works wonders in a variety of settings, and it even works here. Of course this works best for fresh blood. Just scrub dishwashing liquid (or powder) onto the stain, and it should come right out!


If you’re using vinegar, it’s best to soak the stained area (or the entire scrub set; nothing will be harmed) and then launder as usual. As a rule of thumb, try pouring vinegar into the washing machine for each load of medical scrubs. It’ll help clean and sanitize your uniforms! Click here to order scrubs.