BigCommerce Innovation Award: blue sky scrubs luxury scrubs for men and women only sold at

Describe an ecommerce business challenge your company has overcome through innovation: Competing with Amazon Prime is a challenge for any ecommerce business, that's why blue sky partnered with ShopRunner to allow free two day shipping.

How did the BigCommerce platform help you solve this challenge? BigCommerce has allowed blue sky scrubs to grow to revenue millions year over year - all without in-house technical staff. We built a third party application that connects to the BigCommerce API. When ShopRunner customers are logged in, we transmit their data to our external app. From there we send the orders to ShopRunner.

What was the positive business impact of your project? blue sky has grown revenues every year with a team of less than 5 and no developers or designers on staff. Relying on BigCommerce for hosting and updates frees the company up to focus on what's most important - making customers happy.