Best Fall Accessories For Your Stretch Scrubs From Blue Sky Scrubs

The seasons are changing, and with them, our wardrobes are being switched out, as well! We’re bringing out the Fall colors and our spooky scrub caps. So let’s see what Blue Sky Co. has to offer to help diversify our fall wardrobes this year!

Festive Fall Scrub Colors

We’re looking for darker, warmer colors this time of year. Here are a few of our favorites; we hope you enjoy them as much as we do:

Crimson Wine can be paired with a spooky scrub cap, or worn with a stellar pair of black shoes. Enhance your wardrobe this fall with this beautiful shade of burgundy.

Eggplant is a deep purple color that would perfectly patch a Halloween scrub cap.

Find this color in all of our scrub sets: Jet Black. It can be great for creating a spooky outfit, or matching one of your Halloween scrub caps with it!

Another one of our favorite shades is Olive Green! It’s a beautiful, warmer green color that is as festive as the rest.

Spooky Scrub Cap Patterns

We don’t stop at just scrub sets! We have several patterns available that are perfect for showing off your spooky side this Halloween!

This festive cap would look great with a set of brown scrubs, or even Ceil Blue scrubs if you’re slowly transitioning into fall. Try out our Bellismas Plumas pattern now!

Another one of our favorite scrub cap patterns is called Trick or Treat. It features a cutesy Halloween scene of trick or treaters, and would look great with Eggplant, Jet Black, or even Slate Grey scrubs!

And there you have it, friends! Hopefully we’ve helped you to switch out your wardrobe for the fall season, and maybe you’ve found a new favorite scrub cap, too! So get out there- view our collection, and happy shopping!