Benefits to Wearing Customized Scrubs

At some point in time we’ve all had that piece (or pieces) of clothing that just “doesn’t fit right.” Either the pants are too baggy, or the pant leg too short, or the top is too long and sags far below your pockets. We try to make our scrubs to where they fit you to the T, but we know that not everyone fits into clothing in the same manner. Sometimes, we need customized scrubwear.

Customized Scrubs at Blue Sky Co.

We understand the struggle of not having scrubwear that suits your body type! That’s why we offer customizable scrubs in the first place. You can alter aspects of your scrubwear such as the basics like quantity, collection, size, and color, and then move onto the more specific items such as top length, inseam length, and pocket placement and/or stitching! Head on over and get to customizing, friends!

Benefits to Wearing Customized Scrubs

There are several benefits to creating, owning, and wearing customized scrubs! First, you look very professional as your scrubs will be tailored to fit you only. And they’ll fit in all the right places! Second, they’re yours. They can only be replicated at Blue Sky Co.. They’re the perfect scrubs, and you have them all to yourself! Lastly, they fit! That was the problem in the first place, right? Problem solved!

How to Customize Your Order

Don’t worry; it’s very easy to place a customized order. Just visit the appropriate customization page (for instance, if you’re customizing pants, you want to choose pants; if you’re a gentlemen, you want to look under “men’s custom scrubs.” Start here, with men’s custom scrub tops! We also sell a full line of medical scrub hats

We hope we’ve helped to inspire you to place an order of your very own customized scrubs! You know you won’t regret it. You’ll love wearing them to work all day and showing them off! Just make sure you head on over to Blue Sky Co.! Check out our accessories at