Benefits to Our Medleisure Fabric

Have you felt our new Medleisure fabric yet? It’s magnificent, and we’re so excited to incorporate it into our scrubwear. Here at Blue Sky Co. we’re always trying to find new ways to make your medical wardrobe more comfortable. We know you spend a lot of time wearing scrubs; we want you to experience ultimate luxury!

It’s for Work and After Work

We’re always talking about how you’ll want to wear your scrubs even after work. And, well, we mean it! With this type of fabric, you’ll definitely want to wear your scrubs while you’re lounging on the weekends, or during your time off. Find this fabric in scrubs like the Logan 2 Pocket scrub top or in our Landon Trouser scrub pants!

It’s Flexible

This fabric is as flexible as ever. If you can lounge in it, you know you can move in it! We know that you’re on the go constantly; you rarely stop moving! So we’ve created the most movable fabric ever, and incorporated it into our scrubwear. Now you can turn each corner with ease, and bend in any manner you need.

It’s Luxuriously Soft

Lastly, our Medleisure fabric is tremendously soft. Obviously if it’s this comfortable then it has to be soft, right? This fabric was specially milled for Blue Sky’s products! We’ve made sure that it suits just about everyone, and we think you’ll instantly fall in love with the way it feels on your brand new scrubs!

If you’re ready to take the plunge into the most revolutionary scrubwear around, we encourage you to visit our website today, and find the perfect scrubs and accessories for you! We have plenty of them, accessories, that is! From lab coats to lanyards, you’re bound to find what you need!