Are You Wearing the Right Nursing Shoes?

If your feet, knees, and legs have been sore at work lately and you know you’ve put some miles into your nursing shoes, it may be time to replace them. One would be surprised at how quickly our shoes can wear down in a hospital setting, just by pacing the halls each day and even walking in and out of work!

Here’s what we should be looking for when we go out shopping for new shoes:

First Things First: Check Your Dress Code

This one’s a no brainer! Most employers have certain guidelines as to what you can and cannot wear. We don’t want to encourage you to do something that will ultimately violate your dress code- so read up on the proper shoes to suit your uniform, first.

Make Sure You Have the Proper Protection

Make sure you’re not choosing a shoe with too soft of an upside. If anything were to fall and drop onto your toes, you’d want enough protection and padding to keep your foot from hurting/bruising! If you do choose a lightweight shoe, consider purchasing a shoe cap- usually made of metal, to protect your toes.

Watch the Weight

...of your shoes, that is (we promise)! You don’t want to wear shoes that will weigh you down, and increase fatigue. You also want to be light on your feet so you can move through the hallways quickly, and get to your patients more efficiently.

Find Perfect Grip, so You Don’t Slip!

Another requirement that will help you move more freely through the hospital is grip. No slipping and falling on Blue Sky’s watch! Make sure your new nursing shoes have adequate traction, the best fitting, and that they’re stylish (although, this should come after traction on your priority list), too! We also carry a full line of summer medical scrubs to make your day colorful at work.