Are You Tall Enough for Tall Scrubs?

Are you feeling a little too tall for your scrub pants? Have they started to feel like “high waters”/? Well, Blue Sky Co. can certainly fix that problem for you! We have Tall scrub pants, and they work great for problems such as these (problems such as really short pants). We have two types for you, and we can’t wait to show them off! Try out our Shelby Tall pants, and our Simple pants!

Tall Classic Shelby Scrub Pants

Here we have everything you’re looking for in Shelby scrub pants, but they’re the taller version, and aren’t they perfect? For starters, they’re available in four professional, sleek colors: Navy Blue, Slate Grey, Ceil Blue, and Jet Black. They have a relaxed fit to them but they do fit in all of the right places! And yes, you’ll find plenty of pocket space with two back pockets (with our white designer stitching)!

Tall Classic Simple Scrub Pants

Tall Classic Simple scrub pants. They’re the perfect add on to your medical wardrobe, and we’ll bet that they’ll fit you well, too! These pants are very much like our Tall Shelby pants, but they don’t have the same white designer stitching. So if you’re looking for something solid, here you go! They’re also available in the same four professional colors, and don’t worry, they’ll stay sleek and vibrant after many washes! Put these pants on your Christmas list; did we mention that they’re wrinkle free and fade-resistant? How can you resist that?

We hope we’ve provided you not only with the greatest scrub pants around, but also with a perfect solution! Maybe it was meant to be. If you’re in need of tall scrubs, head on over to Blue Sky Co.! We’ll suit you right up in what you need most!