Are You Ready to Spring Into New Colors?

That’s right friends! You read it correctly. Springtime is just around the corner- and we can’t stop it! So with it, why don’t we revamp our work wardrobe with a set of fresh, new, colored scrubs? Below you’ll find seven of our absolute favorite colors for spring. We sure hope you love them as much as we do!

To start, Chloe Jade is a light green color, soothing and simple. It looks perfect against the white designer stitching on our Shelby scrubs. You’ll love it!

Do you need a little bit of sunshine in your shift? Marisol Gold is great for that; it’ll cheer you right up with its bright yellow hue!

Ah, the soothing scent, look, and feel of lavender. French Lilac reflects all of these. You and your patients alike will simply fall in love with this calming shade. And since it’s pastel, it’s perfect for springtime!

Peacock is a vibrant aquamarine color that looks great with a pair of matching pants, and bright white shoes!

Pink Sorbet will have you craving, well, pink sorbet… all throughout your shift. Just kidding! But it will look fantastic on you!

A beautiful shade, Sun-Kissed Scarlet will remind you of a gorgeous sunset! Doesn’t that sound lovely? And to think… you can bring it to work with you!

And finally, Seraphina Strawberry is a bright pink color that looks amazing against our signature white designer stitching. Blow your coworkers away with this rare shade of magenta.

Sport a pair of Blue Sky scrubs for the first time, and you won’t be able to go back! Our scrubs are so luxurious soft that you’ll want to wear them after work. And it’s not just scrubs we offer, but also scrub caps- with their own set of patterns! So dive right in! You’re bound to find something to fall in love with.