Are You Ready to Retire Your Scrubs?

At Blue Sky Co., we understand that you may be so in love with your medical scrubs that you don’t want to retire them! How can we blame you? They’re incredibly soft, fit you well, and look great! But after so many uses… it’s just time. So let’s talk about ways in which you can repurpose your retired scrubs, allowing you to still wear them from time to time!

Bathing the Pets

If you have pets at home, you know how messy it can be to bathe them! Water, soap, and mud tend to get everywhere. Well, depending on how messy your pet is. Regardless, we suggest slipping a scrub top over your shirt to help keep you dry, and keep your regular clothes from becoming stained! It’s a simple solution to a very common problem.

Cleaning House

We know, you’re not overly thrilled about chore day. But let us tell you, by donning a pair of your old favorite scrubs, you can conquer anything! You really can, as your scrubs will be so flexible and bendable now that you’ll be able to reach all of the important areas in your home, like window blinds and ceiling fans!


If you’ve ever embarked on your very own DIY project, then you know how messy, gluey, and grungy it can get in that garage, or wherever you’re working on your project. If you’re painting, you’ll for sure need a set of retired scrubs! Why run the risk of staining your street clothes when you can protect them with a set of favorite Blue Sky scrubs?

We hope we’ve given you some ideas on how to repurpose your old scrubwear! There are certainly more things you can do with your scrubs; we can only delve into so much. But we know you’ll enjoy finding new uses for your old scrubs