An Exclusive Look at Men's Scrubwear

Men, have you seen our collection of scrubwear that we’ve designed perfectly for you? If not, you’re definitely missing out! But we can easily catch you up to speed, don’t worry. Below, we’ll outline David scrubs, custom scrubs, and scrub caps for men! You’re bound to find something to suit you.

Relaxed David Scrubs

Our David Relaxed scrubs are available in professional, stylish colors such as Ceil Blue, Navy Blue, and Jet Black, and Slate Grey. Their chest fits relaxed, and the top tapers down toward the bottom for ultimate comfort. They’re made with soft, breathable fabrics that are easy to move around in (for scrubs)! These scrubs have a neat, crisp design and will look flawless on you.

Custom Scrubs for Men

Of course, we allow you to customize your scrubs just to make sure they fit you to a T! On David scrub pants, you can customize the following aspects: quantity, color, size, style, stitching, and inseam length! On David scrub tops you can alter: quantity, size, style, color, top length, pocket placement, and stitching!

Scrub Caps for Men

This professional Ceil Blue cap looks great with a set of Ceil Blue or Navy Blue scrubs, or even Jet Black! It’s simple, crisp, and fits great!

Hope, Love, Courage, Healing. This scrub cap shows your support for breast cancer awareness, and may be just the thing your patients need to see today.

Major League is a baseball-themed cap that features vintage baseballs against a dark Navy canvas. Perfect for the sports lover! They’re bound to love this cap. We just know it!

So perhaps you’ve found something that you think you might love! Don’t be shy! Log onto our website today and find what you’re looking for. From scrubwear, to lab coats, to scrub hats, Blue Sky Co. covers it all!