All About Sullivan Slim Scrubs

At Blue sky Co., you’ll find luxury and style that simply doesn’t exist elsewhere! And it stretches beyond our classic scrubs and into our Sullivan Slim scrubs, made with a slimmer fit in mind (if you can’t tell by their name!). Here we’ll tell you all about them, and hopefully convince you that they’re the scrubs you’ve been searching for all along- because we truly believe they are!

Blue Sky’s Sullivan Slim Scrub Tops

Enhance your style and wardrobe with this scrub top, made from the most flexible, soft fabrics around and customized to give you the slim fit you need! These scrubs won’t shrink, and are wrinkle and fade-resistant. Isn’t that simple (it goes for the pants, as well)? They feature one utility pocket on the chest, and that luxuriously soft fabric we mentioned is lightweight and breathable!

Sullivan Slim Scrub Bottoms

Sullivan Slim pants are tailored with a relaxed waist, all for your comfort! These pants slim down toward the knee for a sleek, structured appearance. They look great in modern colors such as Ceil Blue, Jet Black, and Navy! And of course they have two lower utility pockets to hold all of your gadgets and gizmos!

They pair well with an undershirt or Stretch Polo from Blue Sky Co.- but of course one of our Sullivan Slim tops compliments them best! We’re certain you’ll love them, whether you’re wearing them at work, or lounging around at home!

These medical scrubs are must haves for your wardrobe! They’ll add a modern, sleek, and professional touch to your work uniform and you’ll feel fantastic wearing them. If you aren’t convinced yet, head to our website and view our entire collection; we think you’ll be beyond impressed! We carry more than just scrubs, you know!