All About Shelby Scrubs

If you’ve yet to try on our classic Shelby scrubs, you’re definitely missing out, friends! Blue Sky Co. has had these scrubs around for quite some time so you’ve had plenty of time to place that order! What are you waiting for? Perhaps a push would help. Here are three wonderful things that we love about our favorite Shelby scrubs!

Classic Fit

Blue Sky’s Shelby scrubs have a natural, classic fit to them that is bound to flatter you. How so, might you ask? Well, these scrubs are tailored in all of the right places. There are also side slits at the hip for easy movement; we would never slow you down! Pair this scrub top with a set of Shelby pants and you’ll be ready to hit the halls!

Variety of Colors

We love to brag about all of the color options we have available for Shelby scrubs. From aquamarine, to chloe jade, to simple ceil blue, we have it all! Surely we have your favorite, so take a look and see. It’s important to explore all of your options, right? We think it is! Especially when shopping for new scrubs.

Pocket Space

Shelby scrubs have plenty of pocket space; pocket space is always a perk! On the scrub top, you’ll find one roomy chest pocket that’s perfect for your essentials. And of course on our Shelby scrub pants there are two back pockets! That should really help you out. If that’s not enough, utilize a jacket or lab coat!

It’s that time of year! It’s time to both give and receive, and we think some of those lovely packages you’ll be exchanging should be filled with brand new, Blue Sky scrubwear! We’re just saying. We also have accessories and outerwear to choose from! There’ll be plenty to go around.