All About Our Softshell Jackets for Men

At Blue Sky Co., we like to make sure that you have plenty of options when it comes to both your scrubwear and your outerwear! That’s why we’ve made so many different types of jackets for men, and baselayers too, so you can layer it up and stay plenty warm! Let’s visit three jackets that we have for men; you’re bound to find a favorite among them!


This wind and water-resistant, lightweight softshell jacket is exactly what you’ve been looking for! It’s perfectly soft and comfortable, has ample storage for your personal items, and fits like a charm. Pair it with one of our baselayers and you’ll be good to go! You’ll be warm and ready to take on the work day in this jacket, that’s for sure!


This jacket, also wind and water-resistant, has a neat bicep pocket that sets it apart from all of the others. But we don’t want to get too caught up on pockets; the Cooper jacket also has four way stretch for ultimate movement! Layered over your baselayer and scrub top, you’ll be as cozy as ever! Feeling warm? Just shed a layer or two and keep on going!


Our Aspen Stretch Hybrid jacket is ultra versatile! It’s moisture-wicking, has the four way stretch for mobility, and is extremely comfy. It’s also cool and breathable; did we mention that? That’s one of the reasons why it’s so versatile! It’s perfect for the ever-changing weather this time of year.

So there you have it, friends! Here are three different options for you. We’re certain you’ll stay plenty warm (and dry) this fall/winter, as long as you stick with Blue Sky Co.! We’re the makers of soft, stretchy, comfortable scrubwear and outerwear and we love what we do! Visit our website to view our entire collection of medical attire.