All About Our New Luna Scrub Leggings

Are you in the mood to start a trend? Let’s think about it. It’s that time of year when the weather cools off, and we ladies begin to wear leggings with just about every outfit. So why not incorporate leggings into our scrub outfit? Blue Sky Co. has come up with the idea of creating medical scrub leggings to keep you warm and comfortable at work! Let’s take a look at them.

Luna Scrub Leggings

Available only in a professional jet black, these scrub leggings are bound to impress you! This is where medical scrubs meet athleisure material! Blue Sky Co.. has made these scrub leggings just for you, because we know how much you love your leggings! They’re layerable and versatile, light, stretchy, breathable and moisture-wicking! What more could we need?

Pair Them With…

So, now that you have your hands on these gorgeous Luna scrub leggings, let’s talk outfits. What should you pair them with? Well, the simple answer is anything. You can sport them to work with a regular scrub top, a Technical top, or wear them during your time off in your favorite t-shirt!

Go with Blue Sky Co.

It’s always best to choose the best brands when you’re out there searching for medical scrubwear! So start off on the right foot by going with Blue Sky Scrubs.! Not only are our products trustworthy and made with quality materials, but we also go above and beyond for our customers!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this tour of our Luna scrub leggings, and that you love them just as much as we at Blue Sky Co. do! Now, it’s time to go shopping. Visit our website today to view our entire collection of medical attire and find your favorites! We’re certain you’ll find everything you need and then some.