All About Disposable Scrubs

When it comes time to purchase  new scrubs, there are a few things to consider. Do you need a new pair or two, or are you in the market for a completely new medical wardrobe? Does your department have any regulations or is the (blue) sky the limit when it comes to selecting your perfect pairs?

While we’re extremely proud of our long-lasting scrubs made in delightful patterns and colors, we get it – for some people, longevity isn’t what they’re looking for. They know that they’re not going to take the time to  properly care for the scrubs, or their department isn’t about re-wearing medical clothing.

That’s why we like to remind folks that disposable scrubs are a great option for both departments and individuals. Here’s why most people choose this route when picking medical clothes and the benefits of having scrubs you can toss out at the end of the day when you finally put your feet up.

It’s Mandatory For Your Department

For some people, buying disposable scrubs might be a requirement for their department. Whether it’s due to surgery, germs, or just a health code, you’re required to wear a new pair every day. Our disposable scrubs and  caps make having a regulated dress code the best thing to ever happen to you

It’s Easier For You

Maybe your life is just a tad to hectic. With the kids, the 40 (okay 60) hours of work, and some semblance of a social life, taking care of scrubs is another thing you don’t want on the list. Having disposable scrubs will free up time to sleep in a little more and wash clothes a little less.

You Can Buy In Bulk

For some people the idea of picking out new scrubs every season is just too much. Not only can you buy disposable scrubs, but you can also buy them in bulk. The only thing easier than having one-wear scrubs is having a never-ending supply of them.

The next time you go to order  medical clothes, consider disposable scrubs to make your life, and morning wardrobe choice that much easier.