All About David and Shelby Scrubs

Are you ready to place the perfect set of staple scrubs into your work wardrobe? We have them for you. It’s where Blue Sky Co. all began, beyond that first scrub cap that Shelby created. It’s in our Classic Shelby and David scrubs! Today we’re diving right into these scrubs and what makes them so special!

David Scrubs for Men

You’ll look professional as ever wearing these scrubs to work, and that’s what matters, right? They’re available in sleek, stylish colors like Navy Blue, Ceil Blue, Slate Grey, and Jet Black. Enjoy making your choice! These scrubs are made from the finest fabrics found around the world: the perfect cotton and polyester ratio. You’ll just love how you fit right into them and how they feel against your skin!

Shelby Scrubs for Women

We’ve found it: the perfect staple for your wardrobe. Shelby scrubs. These scrubs fit relaxed, but are tailored to fit in all of the right places. You’ll love the way you look and feel while wearing them. The chest pocket is also designed with our signature white designer stitching, making it stand out, and your scrubs pop!

Colors Galore

Our Shelby scrubs are available in over a dozen different colors, from Seraphina Strawberry to Marisol Gold! You’ll have a blast choosing your favorite out of all of the options, sporting your color to work, and answering all of the “Where did you get your scrubs?” questions! Make sure you tell them… Blue Sky Co.!

If you’ve never before tried on a pair of Blue Sky scrubs, you’re certainly missing out! Our scrubs are superior in how they fit, feel, and carry you through the work day! Once you choose Blue Sky Co., it’s difficult to go back to any other brand of scrubwear. That’s how luxurious our scrubs are!