Air Scrub Tops For Women: Five Great Options

We know that medical workers have it tough. Between checking up on patients, walking through the crowded halls, and getting your scrubs messy, there are a lot of challenges you can face on the job, and sometimes you may be working shifts as long as 14 hours. If you’re facing any of these challenges, then you probably know the importance of wearing a comfortable, lightweight outfit that gives you the mobility you need to do your job right. Here at Blue Sky, it's our goal to provide that for you. With that in mind, let’s take a look at 5 great options for women’s air scrub tops that achieve the perfect level of comfort and mobility.

Sadie Tunic Scrub Top

Let’s start of with the Sadie Tunic Scrub Top. This scrub top is super stretchy and comfortable, and covers in all the right places for maximum comfort. Its light as a feather, and it’s made from 94% polyester and 6% spandex, which helps give it that extra stretch.

Paloma Long-Sleeve Scrub Top

The amazingly comfortable Palome is one of our newest additions! It's our first ever long-sleeve scrub top and we know you’ll love it! It's particularly helpful if you’re working in a chilly facility.

Everly ¾ Sleeve Scrub Top

If you like the idea of the long sleeves on the Paloma Scrub Top, but you’re easily irritated by long sleeves interfering with your work by getting in the way of your hands or wrists, the ¾ sleeve is the perfect compromise! And we know the Everly will look and feel absolutely great on you.

Logan 2-Pocket Scrub Top

The Logan is the perfect classic scrub top that every medical professional should keep in their wardrobe. It's made with stretchy performance fabric that’ll help keep you comfortable and productive all shift long.

Piper Cargo 6-Pocket Scrub Top

And finally, we’ve got the super stretchy Piper Cargo Scrub Top. As the name suggests, it has plenty of pockets to help you store everything you’ll need for the shift. If you want to check out the Piper Cargo Scrub Top, or any of the other scrub tops mentioned here, please visit the Blue Sky Co. website.