Advice for Keeping Lab Coats Bright White

Advice for Keeping Lab Coats Bright White

Bright, white lab coats are prominent features of our wardrobe when we work in a medical facility or hospital, and it’s important to keep them looking as white and vibrant as is possible! Below, we’ll layout tips to keeping your lab coat clean, as well as take a look at the lab coats that Blue Sky Co. has to offer- because we know you’ll be impressed.

Tips for Cleaning Your Lab Coat

Now, remember to start off with the right expectations: It’s virtually impossible to keep your coat clean at all times as stains are bound to happen. Some days it may seem as if spills and messes await you around every corner! And when accidents do happen, it’s important to treat the stain(s) as quickly as possible. That’s the first step in keeping your coat in tip top shape!

The next most important step is rather simple, but hard to follow under the restrictions of a busy schedule: always wash your white lab coat with your white laundry. Not doing so may cause colors to bleed onto your coat, and then you’re left with a near permanent stain, and you may have to replace your lab coat entirely.

Finally, when it comes to keeping the fabric as white as possible, soak your coat(s) in warm water with one cup of oxygen-based bleach. Then, just wash them as usual (in warm-hot water) with your favorite detergent.

Modern Lab Coats from Blue Sky Co.

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