Adding Different Scrub Styles to Your Collection

When the time comes to change your style, don’t exclude your work wardrobe. Medical scrubs have come a long way since their invention. Instead of solid white gowns and drapes, we now have bright, colorful scrubs, available in various styles- so we can absolutely revamp our work uniform!

We know it’s annoying when your work uniform doesn’t fit comfortably, or even properly. It’s frustrating! But when you try on a pair of Blue Sky scrubs, you’ll immediately feel the luxury. Made from the world’s finest fabrics, we know our scrubs will keep you comfortable and at ease all day long!

Shelby Scrubs

Named after Blue Sky’s owner, Shelby scrubs look beautiful in each of our vibrant color options: from tangerine-orange, to classic black- even if your department assigns color-coded scrubs, you’ll be able to find the perfect shade! Look closely, and you’ll notice our signature white stitching that perfectly accents any scrub set.

Shelby scrubs offer a classic fit, the tops tailored with an hourglass shape. The luxurious fabric will not shrink, and is 65% polyester, and 35% cotton.

Grey Label Scrubs

Blue Sky’s infamous Grey Label scrubs are designed with a slim, modern fit. They feature a perfectly sized chest pocket (suitable for a smartphone, or prescription pad!) and slits in the sides to encourage easy movement. Color choices are plentiful. Feeling blue? Grey Label scrubs are available in Navy, Blue Mist, Caribbean, and Galaxy- all shades of blue we know you’ll fall in love with!

David Scrubs for Men

Fellas- we know you’re out there! If you’re looking to upgrade your work wardrobe, try on a pair of elegant, divine David Scrubs. This collection is available in sleek, professional shades, such as Jet Black, Navy Blue, Ceil Blue, and Slate Grey. They are also wrinkle and fade-resistant, and will not shrink!

Don’t forget! Blue Sky Co. provides the option to customize your scrubs. Just say the word!