Accessorize Your Scrub Outfit Today

There’s nothing better than accessorizing your scrubwear! It just makes everything pop, and really allows you to show off your personal style and preferences! So let’s talk accessorizing scrubwear; how do we do it? Well, here at Blue Sky Co., we can give you five ideas! Let’s go!

Stunning Lanyards

Lanyards: they’re not just for holding keys or name tags! They’re also great for accessorizing your work uniform, and showing off a bit of style. Check out this Peppermint lanyard, or maybe even this one: Marquesa!

Luxurious Lab Coats

When was the last time you replaced your lab coat? Or are you looking for a new lab coat? Lab coats are great as accessories, especially when they come from Blue Sky Co.. Here, we have the Bradford and Preston 100% cotton twill lab coats, and luxurious they are!

Cozy Outerwear

Blue Sky Co. carries so many options for outerwear, it’s unbelievable! For both men and women, softshell and active vests and jackets are available. They’re lightweight enough to keep you comfortable throughout your shift, but warm enough to keep you feeling good on the walk into work, or in the halls.

Essential Baselayers

Layering is another fantastic way to accessorize your scrubs! Try out one of our Blue Sky baselayers, like the Tyler Hooded Long Sleeve Tee, or the Hayden baselayer! All of our baselayers are extremely comfortable and look great underneath your scrubs, or with your lounge pants on the weekend!

Expressive Scrub Caps

Finally, we have scrub caps. And we have patterns galore! Express yourself with a perfect pattern, or choose many! The scrub cap world is your oyster. And don’t forget; we have the Poppy, Pixie and Pony scrub caps to suit all types of hairstyles!

So you see, there are many ways we can accessorize your scrubwear and bring life to your outfit! Just stop by Blue Sky Co. today and check out our collection of medical attire!