A Simple Guide to Spot Treating Your Scrubs

Alas… Laundry Day has arrived. It can’t be avoided for any longer; every single clothes hamper is overflowing, and everyone is dressed in mismatched outfits. You trudge toward the laundry room, and once there, you spot it, glaring at you from a hamper of discarded little boy’s blue jeans: a mud stain. No, several mud stains. Where do you begin?

Instead of tossing out stained garments, let’s explore how we can effectively (and cheaply) remove their blemishes and enjoy them for many more wears!

Mud & Grass

Usually we stress the importance of tackling stains immediately. However, if you come across mud stains, it’s best to allow the stain to dry so that you can easily shake off the excess dirt. Afterward, both mud and grass stains may be treated accordingly: apply liquid detergent to the stain, and allow it to settle for about fifteen minutes. Occasionally rub the fabric between your fingers to help loosen the stain.


This is a common stain, but not an impossible one!

First, let’s determine how fresh the stain is.

If the blood is still moist, immediately soak the  fabric in cold water, intermittently rubbing the stain with a mild soap. Repeat this process until the fabric is clear, and then launder as normal.

If the stain has dried, we suggest soaking the area in white vinegar. After thirty minutes, check the stain and reassess.

Grease & Oil

Tired of staining your polo shirts during your lunch break? Or maybe your aprons have seen too many fried turkey dinners! For grease and oil stains, we suggest using dishwashing liquid (such as Dawn, or Joy; but not detergent). Rub the stain between your fingers until it loosens, and rinse thoroughly before washing.

Hopefully this guide has been helpful, and you’re feeling more motivated to tackle  Laundry Day! Many of us don’t realize what good a simple dab of Dawn can do. Sometimes, even when a stain seems permanent, it can be fairly easy to remove!