A Short Guide to Helping Scrub Fabrics Last

After you’ve purchased a  new pair of scrubs and you try them on, one of your first thoughts is probably about how long they’ll last. Did we get it right? Okay maybe not one of your first thoughts, but it’s surely up there. Fortunately, our fabrics are made to last. Not only that, we want to arm you with any and all knowledge you can get about making them last as long as possible so you can get the most out of each pair. Today, we’re touching on a few ways you can help your fabrics to look brand new practically forever.

Pre-Wash After Purchase

Once you’ve  finally found the scrubs of your dreams, it’s important to pre-wash them before you wear them to work. Not only will this properly sanitize them, but it’ll also help their colors to set in and not fade as quickly over time. Make sure you add extra water to the load to give your scrubs plenty of room!

Line Dry Your Scrubs

It sounds like an old practice, but line drying is incredibly good for your scrubwear. The dryer can be a treacherous place for our scrubs. It can cause abrasion, fading, rips and tears, and shrinkage (however, Blue Sky scrubs will not shrink). Keep your scrubs away from the dryer by hanging them up to dry!

Spot Treat Stains

Nothing ruins a great set of scrubs like an accident or spill. Keep a stain stick in your locker for when you’re on the go, and note that hydrogen peroxide best removes blood stains. Spot treating stains will help them to come out when you wash your scrubs after work!

Start With Quality Scrubs

As always, it helps to start with quality scrubwear. Scrubwear that won’t shrink, is durable, and vibrantly patterned or colored. Blue Sky Co. brings you all of this and more! Log online today to view our stunning collection of medical attire