A Quick Guide to Washing Your Scrubs for the First Time

In a perfect world, we would toss our laundry into just one machine, and it would be returned to us clean, dry, and put away. But sadly, there is no such thing as a ‘Laundry Fairy,’ and we must complete this monotonous chore all by ourselves. The tragedy!

Despite our annoyance, most of us have the process down to our own preferred science. Laundry is all about the details: the washing instructions, the machinery, the drying process. If we’re not careful, we could wind up with pink socks, or worse- ruined medical scrubs.

First Things First: Combining the Load

We get it, you’re too strapped for time to wait on multiple loads to finish washing. But it’s important to wash your scrubs in a separate load, carefully combining like colors (just as you would with other laundry).

Pick The Right Setting

Most medical scrubs are best washed in cold water, but always check labels for washing instructions! If you have extra time on your hands, you could hand wash your scrubs; this would best for the material, but of course is very time consuming.

Tip: Allow the washing machine to fill with extra water to give your scrubs more space to move around, and rinse properly.

Finally: The Drying Process

Line drying is best for scrubs, and  surgical caps as it avoids the heat of the dryer altogether. However, much like hand washing, this method isn’t very convenient. When using a dryer, set the dial to a lower heat setting (or line-dry them until they're damp enough to tumble dry), and use a hot iron afterward if necessary!

Blue Sky scrubs are comfortable to wear, and easy to launder! For more information on our collection of medical uniforms visit our website today.