A Petite Fit: Grey Label Scrubs


With scrubwear, it can be difficult to find the right fit. Some brands fit more boxy than others, but at Blue Sky Co., we definitely don’t go that route. Our scrubs are tailored to fit you perfectly. Except sometimes, you need a more petite fit, depending on your body type. That’s one reason why Blue Sky Co. always offers customizable scrubs, but we also offer our petite Grey Label scrubs for ladies! Finally: a solution to your predicament. Let’s explore.

Petite Grey Label Shelby Scrub Top

If you already like the look and feel of our Classic Shelby scrubs, you’re bound to love the Grey Label collection. These scrubs even have that same white designer stitching that makes them pop so much! Who doesn’t just love that? To get into the finer details (because we know you’ve got to have them!), this scrub top was made with a slim, modern fit. It’s completely unshrinkable, and made of a perfect blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton! That’s partly why they’re so comfortable! We think you’ll love this scrub top, and you’ll love your outfit if you pair it with our Grey Label pants!

Petite Grey Label Shelby Scrub Pants

Well, what can we say? If you have the scrub top, you’ve got to have the matching pants! So go ahead; let’s take a long hard look at what makes these scrub pants so special! First of all, if you’re looking to add a splash of color to your wardrobe, this is one way to do just that! These scrubs pants, made with the same, soft fabrics, are available in quite the variety of colors! Low rise and made with plenty of pocket space, you’re bound to love these scrub pants.

Go for it! Place your order today, or log online to our website to check out the rest of our stunning scrub collection!