A New Hybrid Jacket for Men

Are you searching for the perfect jacket to keep you warm and comfortable while you’re at work? It’s no secret that hospital environments can be chilly or sometimes- downright cold! But alas, Blue Sky Co. has the perfect softshell and hybrid jackets to suit your style. Let’s dive into our new hybrid jackets for men!

The New Hybrid Jacket

It’s all we can do to not talk about our brand new Aspen Stretch Hybrid Jacket. It’s a versatile jacket that isn’t just meant for work! It looks perfect layered over scrubs while you’re at work, or even over our infamous baselayers while you’re relaxing on your time off! It’s cool and breathable, is moisture-wicking, and has 4 way stretch for the most efficient mobility! You’ll love this jacket, we just know it!

Softshell Jackets from Blue Sky Co.

It doesn’t stop there, friends! We now have several options when it comes to softshell jackets for both men and women (it just so happens that today we’re all about the gentlemen out there).

Let’s take a look at our Cooper Lightweight Softshell Jacket. It has everything you want and more: 4 way stretch, plenty of pocket space, breathable fabrics, and semi-elastic cuffs that are super comfortable!

We can also take a gander at the Alpine Active Softshell Jacket. This sleek and stylish jacket is the perfect work or after work companion to your medical uniform! It has stretch panels for unrestricted movement, and tons of pocket space; this jacket has two bottom security pockets and one chest pocket!

Here at Blue Sky Co., we’re all about keeping you warm and comfortable throughout your shifts! That’s why we’ve come up with such a wide array of jackets for both men and women (yes- there is plenty more where these came from!). Log online today to view our infamous collection of medical scrubs and scrub accessories!