A Match Made in Heaven: Sadie Top and Luna Leggings

Medical scrubs professionals from all over shop with Blue Sky Scrubs because they know they’ll be able to find scrubs, lab coats, caps, and so much more that will keep them comfortable while they work. We do everything we can to make sure our items keep you comfortable in every way, including keeping you warm if you work in a cold hospital. Today we’ll be looking at the Sadie Tunic Scrub Top and Luna Scrub Leggings, a perfect combination to stay warm in a chilly work environment.

Sadie Tunic Scrub Top

As soon as you try on the Sadie Top, we know you’ll fall in love. The stretch fabric is made of a blend of polyester and spandex, and you’ll feel the difference right away, giving you extra stretchiness that helps you move around easily as you work. That makes this scrub whether you’re at work, outside in harsh weather or just at home relaxing! No matter what you do, the Sadie Tunic Scrub Top will be there with you to help you look great and feel as comfy as possible!

Luna Scrub Leggings

The Sadie Tunic is amazing on its own, but things get really interesting when you pair it with the Luna Scrub Leggings. You’ll see right away why we call this a match made in heaven. These leggings are designed to keep you warm, stylish and extremely comfortable. For extra warmth, these leggings can be layered with regular navy scrub pants when you’re at work. And you can always remove them and just wear the scrub pants if it gets too hot! But there’s no doubt that these versatile, lightweight, stretchy pants make the perfect companion to the Sadie Tunic Scrub Top!

This scrub top and pant combination is one of our best, but there are plenty more amazing combinations or single items that you’ll love on the Blue Sky Scrubs website.