A Few Things To Try Before Throwing Out Your Old Scrubs

All great things must come to an end at some point, and that includes your scrubs. Maybe you’ve owned the same set of scrubs for several years, and now they’re starting to tear or have too many tough stains. Or perhaps you’ve discovered Blue Sky Scrubs, and now you’re thinking of throwing out the old ones since they aren’t as comfy. But before throwing them away, think of all the things you can still use an old set of scrubs for! Here are a few great ideas.


Forget about tire grease, dirty soap or dead bugs getting all over you, just put on your old scrubs when you’re washing your car, and you’ll have something comfy on that it won’t matter if you get dirty or not, since you won’t be wearing it to work anymore!

When it's time to do a deep cleaning of your home, why risk getting bleach stains, cleaning product stains or anything else on your good clothes? Hop into your old scrub top and scrub pants and you won’t have to worry about what gets on your clothes!

Painting and Crafting

When you’re painting your house or crafting something, it's a similar story to cleaning your home or your car. Why risk spilling paint all over your nice looking clothes? With your old scrubs on you’ll be able to focus on the task at hand with no worries.

Pet Baths

We know how messy pets can be. If you bathe your pet, you probably deal with mud splashing all over you, especially if you’ve got a dog! Put on your old scrubs while you give your buddy a bath.

Relaxing at home

Now matter how worn they get, if your old scrubs happen to be Blue Sky scrubs, they’ll always be comfy. In fact, they’re probably even more comfy when they’ve been worn for so long. So when you’re just relaxing at home and trying to stay comfy, give your old scrubs a try.

If it's time to replace those old scrubs with some new ones for your actual work attire, visit the Blue Sky Scrubs website and check out our full collection of comfortable and stylish scrubs and accessories.