A Closer Look at Blue Sky's Softshell Jackets

This time of year, the weather fluctuates so frequently that we can barely keep up- or keep warm. A light cardigan sweater may be acceptable on some days- a raincoat on others, and still on the colder days, we may need a heavier jacket! We have to keep a close eye on the weather forecast!

Blue Sky Co. understands the struggle, and we’ve designed the perfect softshell jackets and vests to keep you comfortable, and cozy all winter long.

Blue Sky’s Softshell Jackets

Imagine walking into work on a humid morning; the moisture in the air moves right through your sweater, making it seem much cooler outside than it actually is. In damp climates like ours, it’s important to wear jackets that are weatherproof- like all of ours.Once shielded from the moisture and humidity, you’ll immediately notice a difference!

The Chessington: Blue Sky’s Chessington softshell jacket is the ultimate lightweight jacket.This jacket is wind and water-resistant, and stretches for unrestricted mobility. With such soft and flexible material, it’ll easily become your favorite.

The Haddington: Born of a truly cutting-edge design, the Haddington jacket is the perfect protective layer against winter’s harsh winds and temperatures. And don’t worry, the material is as breathable as ever.

The Oxford: The Oxford jacket will certainly keep you comfy throughout your shift, with a microfleece interior, form-flattering cut, and stand-up collar. Its zippered pockets are great for securing your keys, notes, or cellphone!

We are the makers of the most luxurious, modern medical attire, and it’s not only our jackets that we’re proud of! While viewing Blue Sky Co.’s stunning collection, keep on the lookout for our beautiful scrub hats- available in a wide assortment of patterns and colors, and our professional, stylish lab coats. Fall in love with our classic medical scrubs; each set is customizable to suit your every need! We’ll help you find precisely what you’re looking for!