A Classic Staple: David Scrubs compared to Stretch Ajax and Gibson

Everyone needs a staple set of scrubs in their wardrobe: a pair that will never let you down. Something classic and professional. For us here at Blue Sky Co., we suggest going with our classic David scrubs for men! They’re everything you need out of scrubwear, and a great place to start if you’re searching for your first set of scrubs.

The Fit

We call them classic for a reason; not only are they some of our original scrubs, but they also fit in a classic manner. These scrubs are tailored in all of the right places to really help you look sharp and professional for work. So relax, enjoy the wonderful fit of our classic David scrubs! We know you’ll be impressed.

The Feel

Now, how about those fabrics? Everyone wants to know what they’ll be fitting into, right? To get down to the specifics, they’re made from 65% polyester and 35% cotton. We try our hardest to find the best fabric blends for you! And as an added bonus, these scrubs are completely unshrinkable! So in these david scrubs you’ll feel relaxed, comfortable, and stylish, too! And they’re extremely easy to care for.

The Style

Yes, it’s possible to be stylish even in medical scrubs! We truly believe that our scrubs meet those standards that you may have. With these scrubs, you’ll be the talk of the halls. They’re available in four professional colors: Navy Blue, Slate Grey, Ceil Blue, and Jet Black. They look absolutely amazing; just check out our website! You’ll see for yourself.

Are you impressed with our classic David scrubs? Do you have your staple scrubs picked out yet? If not, try out our classic scrubs: Shelby scrubs for women and of course, David scrubs for men! Visit our website for more information! You’ll absolutely love what you find there!