7 Great Uses for Retired Scrubs

You  love your blue sky scrubs, and hate throwing them out! So don’t! There are plenty of uses for old, retired scrubs that can no longer be worn to work. Below you’ll find seven perfect reasons to put those worn out scrubs to use!

Cleaning Day

Scrubs are great to wear on cleaning day, especially if you clean with bleach, or other harsh chemicals.

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts, what a fun way to repurpose old scrubs! Whether you’re working with glue or glitter, your clothes will stay protected by your repurposed scrubs.

Working on the Car

Say goodbye to grease stains! Or at least, grease stains that ruin your street clothes. Working on the car is another great instance for wearing old, retired scrubs.

Mowing the Lawn/Tending the Garden

If you have a lawn or garden to attend to, don’t forget to don your old, retired scrubs. Doing so will save your street clothes from mud and grass stains.


If you’re babysitting, scrubs can even save you from the perils of spit up, juice, and other spills and stains.

Bathing the Pets

Scrubs are perfect for bathing the pets! They’ll keep your clothes clean and dry, and you can just pull them right off afterward and toss them in the washing machine!

Lounging Around

We like to brag about our medical scrubs being so comfortable, you’ll want to wear them after work (especially our new Technical scrubs)! Well, it’s true! Medical scrubs, especially a worn pair, make great lounging clothes.

At Blue Sky Co., we offer durable, quality  medical uniforms that you won’t have to retire for a long time! So if longevity is what you’re looking for in a scrub uniform, you’ve come to the right place. View our stunning collection of comfortable and strong scrubs on our website today!